Digital Guard Services

  • Computers operate efficiently without maintaining system or software updates
  • Maximizes network and workstation performance
  • Implement structural and system enhancements
  • Establish data sanctuary procedures
  • Active audit of network/workstation architecture
  • Establish file and data management procedures and firewalls
  • Protect computer from potential intrusions and digital damage
  • Establish data sanctuary procedures
  • Safeguard workstations into “Protected System”
  • Data security
  • Reduces the reliance on IT support
  • Allows user enacted “fixes” that are simple to learn
  • Simple processes to recover data and apply corrections to digital processes
  • 24 hour replacement guarantee*
  • Multi-layered data recovery
Companies invest a lot of time, effort and money to create their own unique computer network. Unfortunately, everyday there are challenges and obstacles that negatively impact and/or reduce the performance of these essential systems. Digital Guard stands ready to maintain the optimal performance of every component within a digital network.

Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and much more destructive. These attacks negatively affect digital systems, disrupt software processes and can corrupt or even delete vital data. These interruptions are disruptive to the business and often very costly. Digital Guard puts up a solid wall of protection against all intrusions and unwanted interruptions.

Businesses rely on advanced software and computer systems. The data that is developed and maintained is as precious as gold. Most companies can not afford to lose access to digital resources or data for even a brief amount of time. Digital Guard takes the necessary steps to ensure that your entire system is safe and always recoverable.

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* Extra service, not provided as part of basic service package

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